Is Silky Terrier the smartest dog?

Picture this: A dog that is small but mighty, lively but affectionate, and as exquisite as a gem. Yes, these adjectives perfectly describe the Silky Terrier, an underrated champion of the dog world. What immediately grabs attention about this breed are its luxurious locks, shimmering shades of blue and silver. If you thought models on shampoo ad campaigns were jaw-dropping, wait till you see this stylish beauty model its silky coat. But don’t let their sophisticated looks fool you; these little furballs aren’t those prim-and-proper pups only good for show. Beneath those luscious tresses is a curious, quick-witted, and fearless breed with intelligence to boot!

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the intriguing world of the Silky Terrier.


The genesis of the Silky Terrier is best described as a well-loved urban fairytale. Two distinct terrier breeds from Australia, the rough-and-tumble Australian Terrier and the shimmering Yorkshire Terrier from England, came together and gifted their genes. The result – a perfect blend of ruggedness and elegance, born in the land Down Under.

Such valuable heritage has given Silkies fiery spirits, a lust for life that’s rare to find, and an uncanny intelligence that will challenge your classic perception about “big brains in small packages.”


Just how smart is a Silky Terrier, you ask? This breed demonstrates uncanny intelligence levels, making it one of the most charming and brainy breeds out there. Silkies are quick learners, razor-sharp observers, and have a remarkable memory – perhaps better than yours. Owned one decades back, and visit a Silky now? Prepare for an enthusiastic welcome, as this breed is known to remember people and even fellow dogs for really long times!

These aspiring Einsteins of the dog world are so intelligent that they’ve often left professional trainers stunned. They not only grasp commands and tricks rapidly but also improvise on them. Yes, improve! Give them a trick, and they will smartly modify it to surprise and amaze you. Ever seen a dog do a backflip while fetching a Frisbee? Well, Silkies just might!

Silkies also have a high ‘working intelligence’. This means they are smart at executing tasks assigned and delivering results promptly – a massive tick for those who admire utilitarian dog breeds.


No, seriously, Silkies are on an intense mission – to protect their loved ones! Their smartness transcends beyond performing tricks. Silkies have traditionally played the role of watchdogs, a job they take up with zeal. One might think it’s an overkill for such a small breed to be on guard, but underestimate their alertness at your own peril!

They are always switched on, perpetually vigilant, picking up sounds and sights with precision. Any potential threat, be it a stranger’s footstep or an unusual rustle, and your Silky will alert you with an urgent bark. So intense is their commitment towards security that professionals often compare their vigilance to much larger “guardian breed” dogs.


With intelligence comes an irresistible allure for playtime. Silkies have an insatiable appetite for games, and their intelligence makes playtime an entertaining spectacle. Hide and seek is their favorite, and mind you, they are masters at disappearing and reappearing at will. One moment they’re visible, and the next, they’re nowhere to be seen until they decide to leap out!

Technically speaking, Silkies are the Houdinis of the dog world.
Yet for all their tricks and deceptions, their winning weapon is the ‘pleading gaze.’ A single look in those sparkling eyes, and you’ll find yourself surrendering to their game talks. Beware!


Despite sounding like bundles of joy, raising Silkies is not everyone’s cup of tea. Their high intelligence and energy levels require regular mental and physical stimulation, or else they become bored, and a bored Silky means trouble. They channelize their unspent energy into chewing furniture, barking excessively, and more such mischief. Here’s some advice to manage your Silky’s brilliance:

1) Regular Exercise: Physical exertion is the best way for a Silky to expend energy. A jog around the park, a chasing session, or even an obstacle course in your backyard will keep them happy and balanced.

2) Brain Games: Silkies love mental stimulation. Puzzle toys, hide and seek games, and obedience training can keep them happily occupied.

3) Socializing: Silkies are social butterflies and love to engage with other dogs and humans. Regular visits to nearby parks or doggy daycares help them develop their social and emotional skills.

4) Firm Training: Their intelligence means they can manipulate situations to their advantage (that cute expression isn’t always innocent!). Firm yet gentle training from a young age helps mold their behavior positively.

5) Love Them: Like every dog, Silkies enjoy love and attention from their ‘hoomans’. Regular playtimes, cuddle sessions, and more importantly, your unconditional love are the best ways to keep your Silky happy.

To sum it up, while the Silky Terrier may not win the ‘title’ for being the world’s smartest dog, they certainly are among the brightest. Their quick wit, eagerness to learn, and ability to shower unconditional love, make them a remarkable breed that will endlessly amaze you. Why aim for the smartest when you can have a dog that’s beautiful, loving, and cleverly mischievous all at once? The Silky Terrier is indeed the overlooked genius of the dog world!