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At what age is best to house train a puppy?

Did you know that you can start house training your puppy as soon as they…

ByByMatthew Mitchell5 min read

How long should you wait outside for your puppy to pee?

It’s a bright sunny afternoon, and you have just brought home your new furry friend;…

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When was the last time you petted a dog? It’s beneficial for both you and you four-legged friend

Hey there friend! Have you pet a dog recently? I’m talking some good ol’ scratches…

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Where should my dog poop if its raining?

“It’s raining cats and dogs!” you exclaim, looking out the window onto the dreary street…

ByByHarper Sinclair4 min read

How long can a dog hold its pee?

Did you know that a dog’s bladder functions somewhat like a biological clock? Much akin…

ByByCharlotte Langley5 min read

What age should dogs stop crating?

Imagine your adorable pup gazing up at you with those irresistible, watery eyes, and he…

ByByJonathan Knight4 min read

Should you cover a dog crate with a blanket?

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘scaredy-cat’? It’s a well-known expression meant to playfully tease…

ByByMatthew Mitchell4 min read

Can Sleeping Dogs Really “Hear”? New Research Dives In!

Ever watched your dog twitch or whimper in their sleep and wondered what they might…

ByByHarper Sinclair4 min read

Choosing the Right Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle

Bringing a dog into your life is a decision that comes with immense joy and…

ByByCharlotte Langley4 min read
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Should Lagotto Romagnolo eat grain-free?

Beneath a canopy of Italian trees in the early 19th century, the Lagotto Romagnolo—also known…

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What is the best food for a Lagotto Romagnolo?

Lagotto Romagnolos aren’t just any dogs; they’re truffle hunters by nature, sporting curly coats and…

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Is a Lagotto Romagnolo easy to train?

Close your eyes for a moment and travel with me to the misty, rolling hills…

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Is a Lagotto Romagnolo a calm dog?

Deep in the marshlands of Italy, a treasure with curly locks and a nose that…

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Why some dogs stay healthy into their teens

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