Is a Silky Terrier a friendly dog?

Did you know that the Silky Terrier, also fondly referred to as the “Australian Silky Terrier”, is actually not from Australia? These petite, plucky bundles of joy originally hail from the Yorkshire area of England. Bred from a mix of Australian and Yorkshire terrier, these dogs are known for their fine, silky coats and their sprightly disposition. But the question lingers, is a Silky Terrier a friendly dog?

But before diving into answering that, let’s first understand a little more about these terriers. Despite their similarity in appearance with the Yorkshire Terrier, these dogs have distinctly different natures. One of the most notable traits of the Silky Terrier is their lively courage. Yes, they are little but oh boy, they are fearless! These dogs have been known to take on opponents many times their size without hesitation. This trait was initially utilised in their earlier days when they were bred for hunting small pests.

However, it’s not all macho bravado with these dogs. Another trait that the Silky Terrier has in abundance is its charm. These are attractive dogs with equally attractive personalities. Now, let’s answer the big question — are Silky Terriers friendly?

Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as a simple yes or no, because it largely depends on what you mean by “friendly”. If your idea of a friendly dog is a floppy, overly affectionate pooch that just wants to cuddle, well, you might want to reconsider getting a Silky Terrier. These dogs are friendly, but in their own terrier way!

Silky Terriers are friendly and sociable dogs that enjoy companionship. However, they are also independent little characters who like to control their environment. They may not be the ‘cuddle-up-and-fall-asleep’ type of companions, but their friendliness shines through in their own, unique way.

One typical characteristic of a Silky Terrier is their boundless supply of energy, which makes them ace playmates. If you’re an active person looking for a small buddy who can keep up with you on long walks, hikes, or play sessions in the yard, then a Silky Terrier is the friend you want. Think of these fluffy fur balls as the ‘happier the busier’ types that will provide hours of entertainment with their playful antics.

Despite their small size, Silky Terriers make great watchdogs, thanks to their alert and attentive nature. They won’t hesitate to let you know if there’s a stranger at the door or a squirrel in the yard. But don’t mistake their protective instincts for aggression. Once they see that their owner is accepting of the new person, they’ll quickly warm up and be the sociable little creatures they are.

So, do Silky Terriers like kids? Well, they can be a bit selective with their human friends, especially kids. They can become great companions with older kids who understand how to handle small dogs with respect. However, with younger children who might treat them more like toys, they are not big fans.

But don’t worry, that’s not to say that you can’t have a Silky Terrier in a family with small children! It just means that you’ll have to educate your little ones about the right way to interact with these dogs. Show them how to respect the space of the Silky Terrier, understand their body signals, and learn when it’s playtime and when it’s time for a quiet nap.

That’s the secret to having a friendly Silky Terrier: understanding and respecting their unique nature. With the right training from an early age, these dogs can be the most loving, spirited, and yes, friendly companions.

But remember, all dogs are individual creatures with unique personalities – even within a breed. So while some Silky Terriers may be more sociable and friendly, others may be more reserved and wary of strangers. The way they turn out to a huge extent depends on how you nurture, train, and socialize them.

In conclusion, if by “friendly”, we mean a cheerful, alert, and energetic companion with a protective streak and plenty of personality, then a Silky Terrier is a happy, friendly dog indeed – and one sure to bring joy and adventure to your life. Happy dog parenting!