Is Pomeranian the smartest dog?

Did you know Pomeranians are descendants of large sled dogs used in the Arctic? Yes, you read it right! These petite and fluffy canines, with their endearing fox-like faces and plumed tails, actually hail from a lineage of hardy, large sled-pulling dogs from the cold regions of the Arctic.

These feisty and furry fellas got their name from the Pomerania region in north-west Poland and north-east Germany in Central Europe, not because they originate from there, but as a result of being bred to their current small size. Yes, it seems over the years, they’ve gotten a size downgrade, but their powerful personalities have only been upgraded!

Now you might be wondering – Are Pomeranians smart? Absolutely! In fact, they are often regarded as one of the smartest and most intelligent small dog breeds. They possess plenty of charm and intelligence to engage and enchant their families. And if you’re surprised that such an adorable fluff-ball can be so brainy, read on and let’s dig into why the Pomeranian is considered the Einstein of the canine world.

First off, how about a little doggy IQ 101? According to American psychologist Stanley Coren’s intelligence ranking in ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’, there are three aspects of doggy intelligence: Instinctive intelligence, adaptive intelligence and working and obedience intelligence.

Instinctive intelligence refers to the skill a dog was bred for such as herding, retrieving, tracking, guarding, or companionship. Adaptive intelligence refers to a dog’s ability to solve problems on its own. And working and obedience intelligence refers to a dog’s ability to learn from humans.

So where do Pomeranians stand in the doggy brain stakes? Well, according to Coren’s scale, Pomeranians rank 23rd in term of working and obedience intelligence – which puts them in the same league as breeds like the Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, and Labrador Retriever. They are quicker to understand new commands, needing just 15-25 repetitions and are likely to obey the first command 70% of the time. Now, that’s saying something!

Let’s dive a little deeper and understand their smarts in three parts.

Pomeranians and Problem-solving

Our little champs here are ‘problem solvers’. They can usually find a way to get what they want, be it figuring out how to climb up on the couch to grab that plushie, or opening doors. Their legendary tenacity, combined with their smarts, makes them very adaptive to their surroundings.

Pomeranians and Tricks

Being fast learners and eager-to-please, Poms are often star performers in their obedience classes. They enjoy the challenge of learning new tricks and tend to pick them up quickly. Plus, their smart and mischievous nature can lead them to ‘invent’ tricks to show off too. From fetching, shaking hands or paws, playing dead, or doing a ‘twirl’, your Pomeranian pal is always ready to entertain!

Pomeranians and Sociability

Poms are incredibly sociable and intuitive. They can often sense their owner’s mood and, based on that, respond effectively. If you’re sad, they’ll come and cuddle. If you’re happy, they’ll bring their favourite toy to share in the joy. Their keen sense of understanding and ability to react adaptively clearly highlight their smart quotient.

So, there you have it – a brief dive into the intelligence of Pomeranians.

But it’s not all serious ‘study’ here. Their intelligence is layered with a dash of humour. Some Pomeranian parents might even tell you how their little fella’s shenanigans outsmarted them. Like how they pretend to be asleep just to snatch a piece of fried chicken off the table or pretend to have a ‘coughing’ fit to earn sympathy treats.

Now how smart is that?

Here’s some advice, when owning a Pomeranian, remember to use their intelligence for the good. Use positive reinforcement training methods, be consistent with your commands, and try to stimulate their intelligent minds with puzzle toys or new things to learn and explore. Avoid getting them bored, since a bored Pomeranian might resort to deviousness to entertain itself.

In conclusion, Pomeranians are definitely smart, but they also are a lot more. They are loyal, loving, gutsy, and incredibly entertaining. They might come in a small package, but there’s no limit to the joy they can bring into your lives. Plus, their surprising intelligence only adds to their overall charm. And that makes them one heck of a smart dog breed! If dogs were in school, Pomeranians would surely be sitting in the first row!