Are Pomeranians dangerous dogs?

When you watch a movie featuring a terrifying, ferocious canine, it’s usually a large, imposing breed like the Rottweiler or Pit Bull that steals the spotlight. Not only are they intimidating but they are often portrayed as dangerous too. But what about the Pomeranian, an adorable fluff ball that fits perfectly in your lap or your designer bag? Can a dog that small and cute possibly be dangerous?

“Small but mighty” – If there were ever a phrase to describe the adorable Pomeranian, this might be it. Known for their fluffy double coats and pointed ears, their toy-like appearance is surprisingly deceptive. Infact, what these canines lack in size, they certainly make up for in personality.

Pomeranians are descended from large sled-pulling dogs in the cold Arctic region. Yes, you read that right! These petite pooches share the same ancestry as the mighty Siberian Husky. Amazing, isn’t it? This is why, despite their diminutive size, they often carry themselves like large dogs, full of pride and fearless spirit.

Such a confident and bold personality can sometimes result in a Pomeranian thinking it’s bigger and tougher than it actually is. This disposition, known as ‘small dog syndrome’, can lead these dogs to challenge much larger dogs, unaware of the potential danger they put themselves in.

But does this make them dangerous?

Well, not exactly. The term ‘dangerous’ is often too harsh for these tiny tots. They are generally friendly and intelligent dogs that can make wonderful companions when properly trained and socialized. What’s intriguing about them is their alertness and curiosity, which makes them excellent watchdogs. While they might not be able to take down an intruder, they can surely alarm their human counterparts with vigorous barking.

Remember, that with Pomeranians, their size does not equate to their bite. Even though they possess sharp teeth that can cause painful scratches or bites, especially when they feel threatened or provoked, this does not make them a hazardous breed. In fact, the risk is more towards the dog than towards people. They can easily get injured or attacked due to their small size.

The danger can also be indirect. Pomeranians are known for their loud barks and can be quite stubborn at times. This excessive barking can cause noise disturbance, and their obstinate behavior can lead to destructive habits such as chewing on furniture or shoes if not addressed properly.

Moreover, the real danger lies in how these little guys are raised, trained and handled. Given their outgoing and sometimes bossy nature, it can be a real challenge to discipline them. However, with appropriate training, consistent discipline, and plenty of socialization, these little personalities can not only be controlled but also be turned into loving, loyal companions.

One valuable tip for dealing with Pomeranians is to show them who’s boss right from the start. They may have the heart of a lion, but in reality, they are tiny and need guidance. If you let them rule the roost, they could develop behaviors that could pose a threat to themselves and others.

Another practical piece of advice is to ensure that they are well-socialized. Expose them to different people, environments, and situations so that they learn to adapt and react appropriately. Well-socialized Pomeranians will be more easy-going and less likely to react aggressively to unfamiliar situations.

When it comes to kids, supervision is key. Because of their small size, Pomeranians can feel threatened by the rough play or mishandling that can sometimes come from children. Teach your kids how to handle and play with them correctly, without causing anxiety or fear.

In conclusion, the question of whether Pomeranians are dangerous really comes down to perception, training, and management. Inherently, no breed is ‘dangerous’, it’s all about how they’re nurtured. So let us strip away the myth surrounding their ‘dangerous’ nature. Your charming, fluffy Pomeranian is just like any other dog – a loyal companion waiting to shower you with unconditional love, given the right care and training. Their bravery, playfulness, and uninhibited love for their families are what make Pomeranians the beloved breed they are today. Just remember, they are small dogs with big personalities, and with that comes responsibility. After all, every dog narrates a story of its upbringing.