Is Pekingese a smart dog?

Legend says that the ancient Pekingese breed was created from the Buddha, who shrunk a lion down to dog size. Regardless of its origins, the Pekingese, with its regal bearing and unique shape, is definitely one of a kind. But what else is there to know about this little breed? Is a Pekingese a smart dog? Stick around to find out! It might surprise you!

Originating from Beijing or formerly known as Peking (hence their name), these little canines once lived in royal Chinese imperial courts and were highly valued. Now, they’ve claimed not just the courts, but also our households and hearts. What’s fascinating about Pekingese dogs is not just their rich history, but also their interesting combination of intelligence and stubbornness.

When we talk about dog intelligence, it usually comes in three varieties – instinctive (what a dog was bred to do), adaptive (how a dog learns to solve problems), and working & obedience (how well a dog follows command). Overall canine intelligence is a blend of these three.

By general consensus, the Pekingese ranks relatively low in terms of working & obedience intelligence; they’re 134th out of 138 breeds, according to research led by renowned canine psychologist Stanley Coren. But before you leap to the conclusion that the Pekingese is not smart, here’s some crucial context – this kind of intelligence testing is heavily skewed towards breeds that enjoy tasks with immediate reward and human directions.

While a Border Collie or a Labrador may excel at fetch because they’ve been bred for tasks that involve obeying human commands, Pekingese are bred for companionship. They were the favored lapdogs of Chinese emperors, not herders or hunters. Their role was to sit and look attractive, and to provide comfort to their human.

This does not mean they are any less intelligent; it simply means their intelligence might display itself in different ways. Pekingese hold high adaptive intelligence, meaning they are excellent at learning from their experiences and solving problems. They’re the MacGyvers of the canine world!

In addition to their impressive adaptive intelligence, Pekingese’s instinctive intelligence is quite high as well. They were initially bred to be watchdogs in palaces, alerting their human companions of any intruders. That means they’re exceptional at sensing moods, guarding their home, and asserting their dominance when necessary, showcasing their smartness in their own unique way.

Despite their low rank, the Pekingese also have impressive memories. They are known to remember any harsh treatment, and they can also remember their friends even after a long time apart. In truth, your Pekingese’s ability to learn, remember, and solve problems might surprise you in the best possible way!

However, intelligence isn’t the only factor to consider when understanding your Pekingese. Their sassy but lovable personalities also play a significant role. Their ancestors were royal dogs, and they have never let go of this grandeur. They can be stubborn, willful, and independent, often appearing distant or proud. “I’ll do it my way” seems to be their life motto. But don’t be disheartened; this quirk of theirs is part of the charming and amusing individuality that makes them so loveable.

Now, treating a Pekingese as a royal might seem like a task, but it’s quite simple, really. They demand respect, not necessarily in the form of luxury, but in terms of your time, patience, and understanding. Praise, affection, and rewarding training methods work wonders with this breed. Remember, while it is important to let them exercise their independence, boundary setting is equally important. It’s about finding that sweet balance.

In conclusion, the Pekingese might not fit into the conventional mold of canine intelligence, but it has its own unique flavor of smarts and personality quirks that make it an amazing companion. The key to understanding a Pekingese’s intelligence lies in appreciating its rich history, individuality, and appreciating that every dog is smart in its own special way.

So, is the Pekingese a smart dog? Absolutely! They just have their own unique, royal kind of intelligence that doesn’t always conform to typical intelligence tests. And isn’t that what makes them so wonderfully fascinating?