Does Pekingese shed a lot?

Picture this – a royal Chinese dynasty with beautiful empresses, grand palaces, and lavish banquets. Now, can you imagine the one creature who had the honor of sitting in the empress’s sleeves, being pampered by the royal cooks, and playing with the royal children? It wasn’t a giant panda or a rare bird, it was a small, cute, yet slightly arrogant breed of dog called the Pekingese. Now fast forward to today – Pekingese dogs aren’t just confined to the royal palaces. They captivate pet lovers all over the world with their charming and yet independent personalities.

Now, you might be wondering, “This all sounds perfect. So, what’s the catch? Can I own this little royal furball without having my house look like a fur cyclone passed through?” The short answer is no!

Pekingese are known for their abundant double-layered coat. While their fluffy coat adds to their lovable panda-like appearance, it also means these little (or shall we say, royal) dogs shed a lot! Yes, you heard it right. The Pekingese, once a symbol of nobility and the favorite companion of Chinese empresses, has a knack for shedding.

Here’s the kicker: it’s not just a sprinkle of fur here and there. We’re talking about substantial shedding all year round. Your once fur-free home may suddenly turn into a fur wonderland. But don’t yell “off with their heads” just yet! The Pekingese is far from being a commoner in the pet world. Owning one is definitely an experience of a lifetime. And, with the right knowledge and grooming practices, dealing with your Pekingese’s shedding can be manageable.

Why Does Pekingese Shed?

Just like we humans lose hair every day, dogs too shed old or damaged hair. However, the rate and amount of hair loss in dogs can vary by breed and even health status. The Pekingese, like all other dogs, shed as part of their natural process of hair growth.

For the Pekingese, their seasonal shedding patterns are determined by daylight hours. When the days start getting longer, usually during spring, Peke (as owners affectionately call them) shed their thick winter undercoat to prepare for the hot summer days. The cycle reverses as fall approaches, causing them to shed their light summer coat for a denser one to help them survive the winter comfortably. This whole process, typically referred to as “blowing their coat”, can be quite a shedding extravaganza.

How to Manage Pekingese Shedding?

Now that the suspense is over and we’ve confirmed that Pekingese do shed, and quite extravagantly, let’s move to the brighter side – controlling their shedding. While you cannot completely stop a Pekingese (or any dog for that matter) from shedding, with time, patience, and the right grooming tools, managing their shedding can be achievable.

Brushing: Regular brushing is your first defense against the relentless shedding. With Pekingese having a double coat that’s prone to tangling and matting, a good brush down at least twice or thrice a week is ideal. It not only reduces the amount of fur landing on your favorite couch but also distributes skin oils to keep your Peke’s coat healthy and shiny.

Bathing: Resist the temptation to bathe your Pekingese frequently with the idea that it will reduce shedding. Excessive bathing can strip their coat of natural oils causing dry skin and increased hair loss. Ideally, a monthly bath along with a quality dog-safe conditioner should do the trick.

Healthy Diet: What goes inside your Pekingese can significantly affect what comes out (very literally). A balanced diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promotes healthier skin and coat, potentially reducing shedding. Remember, when in doubt, always consult your vet before changing your Peke’s diet.

Professional Grooming: Last but not least, never underestimate the power of a professional grooming session. A groomer who’s experienced with Pekingese will know how to properly brush and trim their coat without causing unnecessary stress or damage.

To conclude, Pekingese shred, and they shred a lot. So, if you picture yourself owning a Pekingese, be ready to trade in your royal robes for a more humble apron and a good vacuum cleaner. But wrestling with some fur and a few sneezes here and there isn’t bad when you think about the companionship, loyalty, and an ancient regal aura your Pekingese will bring into your life. Talk about a royal tradeoff!