Is Akita easy to train?

On an exuberant spring morning in northern Japan, a powerful and visually breathtaking scene unfolds. A group of majestic dogs, basking in the golden sunlight, each standing tall and proud, with a quiet sense of dignity enveloping them. These are not just any dogs—they are Akitas, one of the most venerable and venerated breeds of dogs from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.’ Fascinatingly, their heritage is steeped in the noble culture of the samurai. The Akitas were once the trusted companions and guardians of these legendary warriors, illustrating a fiery spirit under their serene disposition. Today, the breed is internationally acclaimed and cherished, sacredly preserved in its homeland, and loved in households worldwide.

While the Akita’s awe-inspiring appearance and invincible spirit make it a wonderful pet, is it easy for an Akita to be trained? Do these regal creatures have what it takes to not just look like royalty but to act like it too? Let’s find out together in an exciting journey that takes us not just into the heart of this incomparable breed but into its mind as well!

Dog training experts often say that dog breeds are like human personalities. Each breed comes with distinct character traits—the Akita is no exception. The Akita is loyal, intelligent, and courageous. Yet, these noble dogs also have a mind of their own. They are strong-willed, sometimes stubborn, requiring consistent training from an early age.

Surviving centuries, Akita dogs have inherited the essential qualities of hunter dogs—physical strength and mental agility. They were bred to hunt big game, including bears and wild boars, in harsh, high-altitude environs. They come with an inherent pride and independence that are characteristics of all noble hunting dogs.

What does this mean for training an Akita? Well, Akitas are not always the easiest dogs to train, but they are certainly not the hardest. Training an Akita requires consistency, assertiveness, and, most importantly, respect for its personality and intelligence. Akitas are naturally alert, intelligent, and they can be trained to follow commands. However, their independent spirit means they can be somewhat resistant to repetitive exercises.

Training an Akita is a fascinating process—the right mixture of affection, assertiveness, consistency, and motivation can transform your Akita into a loyal and obedient companion. Here are some tips that can help you train your own Akita:

1. Start Early: The earlier you start, the more manageable your Akita will become. Begin training your Akita when it’s still a puppy, using positive reinforcement methods. Bear in mind, socialization is crucial to help them learn to behave around other dogs and humans.

2. Be Consistent: Consistency is key when you’re training an Akita. Mixed or inconsistent messages can confuse them, leading to erratic behavior. Be consistent with your commands, the rules you’ve established, and your behaviour towards them.

3. Keep Things Interesting: Because of their intelligent and independent nature, Akitas can lose interest in exercises that feel repetitive or monotonous. Aim for a diversity of activities to keep them engaged during training sessions.

4. Watch your Tone: Always use a confident and firm tone while training. Softness in your voice could be perceived as weakness, an invitation for your Akita to try and step into the ‘leader of the pack’ role. A harsh tone, on the other hand, might trigger their stubborn nature.

5. Rewards are Essential: Akitas respond well to positive reinforcement—offer your dog a treat or its favorite toy to motivate it during the training sessions. Remember, rewards aren’t just limited to treats; praise and attention also work wonders!

Having an Akita and training it requires patience, time, understanding, and respect. However, it’s hard to put a price tag on the reciprocal bond between a well-trained Akita and its owner. Once an Akita is trained and disciplined, it becomes an even more endearing creature, with a loyalty that’s deeply ingrained into its character.

To sum up, training an Akita might not be as easy as Sunday Morning. However, the mutual trust and companionship that evolve with every well-executed command and bonding moment make the journey extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Remember, when it comes to training an Akita, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take your time, enjoy the process, and in the end, you’ll have an intelligent, dignified, and devoted companion who’s indeed a true reflection of its remarkable samurai legacy.