Is Akita a calm dog?

Let’s venture into the world of dogs! Guess what? There’s a superhero in town. It’s strong, smart, full of love, and hails from “The Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan. This isn’t your everyday superhero, this one has got a furry coat, expressive eyes, and four legs. Yes, invoking curiosity, it’s the noble Akita.

So, what’s different about Akita breed? In ancient Japan, only the royal and noble class were allowed to own Akitas. This made the breed a symbol of good health, prosperity and honor. They were even considered to bring good luck. Can you believe that folks used to send statuettes of Akitas to each other when someone was sick, as a sign of speedy recovery? Quite impressive, right?

But you are here for a bit more insight. You’re wondering, “Is Akita a calm dog?” The quick answer is, Yes. But there’s much more…

Hold on to your seats, because the world of the Akita is a ride you won’t forget.

While the Akita is often dignified and quite (calm, if you like), just like us humans each Akita has its individual personality. There’s more spectrum to this calm and tranquility. Yes, other traits like loyalty, intelligence, boldness and fearlessness also define these dogs. A stereotypical Akita would be an image of a peaceful dog lounging away under the cherry blossoms, but let’s crack open that image and explore what truly lies beneath.

For starters, did you know that Akitas are often compared to cats? Shocking, right? Especially considering that dogs and cats are sometimes coined as natural enemies. Akitas are clean, fastidious, and oh, so independent! They even groom themselves just like a cat would. So if you notice your Akita licking its paws or giving itself something akin to a cat-bath, don’t be surprised. Now you know where they learned the great art of self-grooming from, their feline neighbors.

What’s more, when they are calm, they could be extremely calm. The phrase “as calm as a millpond” describes them perfectly. Because, when these dogs are in a relaxed environment, they are most likely to remain calm and undisturbed. Think of them as the Zen masters in disguise, meditating in a serene surrounding.

But here’s a key hint, the calming demeanor of an Akita is best expressed in a familiar setting rather than a boisterous environment. You see, they cherish their peace and much like humans they can take time to adapt to new changes. So, if you’re someone who’s regularly shifting apartments, or love throwing elaborate house parties, let’s say Akita might not exactly enjoy the frequent changes.

That takes us to an interesting aspect, you might have heard, “An Akita in a home is like a fish in water.” Ever wondered why that’s said? Akitas are deeply attached to their homes or should I say, ‘their territories.’ They are like braveheart guards who take up on themselves to protect their home from any potential threats. So much so, that an unattended stranger would definitely feel like an intruder under the watchful eyes of an Akita!

At home, Akitas are generally relaxed. They are perfectly content lounging in comfort and patiently waiting their human companions, giving an impression of a calm and placid pet. However, it is essential to remember that like everyone, Akitas too, have their own room for fun and frolic, and they sure love their playtime.

A general perception is that a calm dog is one that does not bark or get excited, but here’s the deal with Akitas, they don’t exhibit their calmness by being quiet. They are not big barkers-don’t let that fool you into thinking they are bored or uncaring. Nah, Akitas just have a reserved character. They only bark when there is a reason to, and let me assure you, when they do bark, it’s noteworthy.

Finally, let’s talk about how you can ensure that your Akita maintains its calm temperament. Regular exercise is key. A walk around the park, some playtime in the yard, or better yet, some intense activities like agility training can be a great way to keep them satisfied and calm. These dogs are intelligent, so mental exercises like puzzle toys would also be a great idea. Not to forget, socialization at an early age will help them be comfortable around strangers and new environments, keeping their calmness intact.

Akitas are indeed calm dogs, but remember, they are a complex maze of loyalty, bravery, intelligence, and tranquility. The calmness of an Akita is just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re fascinated by this rich blend of traits, then an Akita might just be the perfect addition to your family. Whether it’s curling up together on lazy afternoons or standing by your side as a fearless protector, Akitas embrace it all with a calm and regal demeanor that’s hard to beat.

Keeping an Akita might not be an everyday pet-tale; it can be an intriguing, enriching, and enlightening journey into the realm of dignity, courage and unwavering loyalty wrapped all in one furry package. So, are you up for the unforgettable adventure with an Akita?