Is a Newfoundland dog a difficult dog?

Have you ever found yourself absolutely smitten by an enormous, charming, and fuzzy creature called the Newfoundland? This breed of dog, often compared to a gentle giant, is surely a sight to behold. But then you might be thinking, with its size and skills, is this breed a difficult one to own or handle? Let’s dive into the ocean of understanding these fantastic creatures and find out!

Every dog breed has its unique characteristics. It’s like trying to compare a cucumber and a carrot – they are both vegetables, but they taste, look and grow differently. Similarly, owning a Newfoundland dog has its pros and cons. Let’s discover more about these heartwarming giants and understand if they are winning the dog breed race with the most desirable traits!

Newfoundlands are surely big, and they are lovingly called “Newfies” or “Newfs” by their owners. Originating from the Canadian province of Newfoundland, the breed boasted impressive skills, such as pulling nets for fishermen and performing water rescues. Now, doesn’t that make them sound very skilled and a tad dramatic? Definitely! But, does that also make them challenging? Let’s find out.

First, understand that “Newfies” are quite big, in fact, really big! Adults can grow up to a good 150 pounds. If you are envisioning the size, imagine a medium-sized adult human. That should give you a good perception. But don’t get scared off by this weight scale, as they are the epitome of the phrase ‘gentle giants.’

Seeing the world from their huge brown eyes, these dogs have more love and gentleness to offer than can be anticipated from their size. They have an inbuilt patient and calm demeanor, which makes them great family dogs. Contrary to their might and strength, they are recognized for their sweet nature and compatibility with other animals and kids.

However, like any other dog breed, Newfies too have some challenges. For starters, they drool. They drool when they’re hot, and they drool when they’re hungry. They drool when they’re anxious, and sometimes they drool just because they can. And while some pet owners find this trait endearing, let’s be honest, not everyone enjoys mopping up dog slobber off their floor or furniture.

Being a large breed, their health is another area of concern. They are genetically predisposed to heart problems, joint issues, and certain types of cancer. Keeping a check on their health and taking them to regular vet visits will become part of your routine if you decide to parent a Newfoundland dog.

They also have a thick, water-resistant coat, which is beautiful to look at but needs regular grooming. So, if brushing a dog feels like a tedious job to you, then you might want to reconsider getting a “Newfie”. Besides, they shed…a lot! So, consider the amount of vacuuming you would have to do!

Don’t be quick to conclude on their difficulty scale yet. Every Newfie owner will assure you there’s a silver lining to these concerns. After all, their protective instincts, combined with their infinite love and loyalty, often outweigh these small challenges. Especially if you’re someone who enjoys outdoor activities, a Newfoundland dog would make an excellent companion as they enjoy walks and swimming.

Not to mention, despite their size, they are fairly easy to train, thanks to their thirst for pleasing their humans. Newfies are hardworking and do not shy away from helping out, be it pulling carts or rescuing someone from the water. So if you have patience and time on your side, you can potentially welcome an extraordinary furry member in your life.

So, is a Newfoundland dog a difficult breed? Grading the difficulty level of owning a dog is subjective and comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. The requirements of a breed may be challenging for one and may seem like a cakewalk for others. Specifically, for ‘Newfies,’ while there surely are challenges related to their size and health, their patient demeanor and trainable nature offer a real allure. And for the right owner, the love, companionship, and joy a Newfoundland can bring will certainly outweigh any difficulty.

Life with a Newfoundland is an adventure to cherish. From the heroic rescue tales to the amusing drooling stories and sweet moments of love, every memory adds a little more value, a little more joy, and a little more love to life. So, the question, my dear readers, is not whether this breed is challenging, but whether you are ready for a beautiful, challenging, Newfoundland-sized adventure or not! Make your choice wisely!

In conclusion, owning any breed of dog comes with its own set of challenges and joys. Whether a dog is ‘difficult’ or not is more a matter of how well its needs coincide with your own lifestyle. With a Newfoundland dog, you’re in for enormous love, literal ‘bear’ hugs, loyalty, and a sprinkling of slobber. If you can handle that, then your home just might be ready to welcome this gentle giant!