Is a Newfoundland dog a calm dog?

Have you ever observed a Newfoundland dog in nature and wonder at its tranquility? About the size of a small bear, these dogs named after the region of Newfoundland, in Canada, are known for their sedate nature and startling equanimity. You might think, at first glance, they’d be too large for a family pet, but that’s a mistaken belief – one we shall walk you through right here, right now!

Often called “the gentle giant” because of their larger-than-life size and oh-so-sweet temperament, apparently, a Newfoundland dog lazing around can easily be mistaken for a rug – and a big, furry, cuddly one at that.

So yes, if you’re wondering whether a ‘Newfie’, as these dogs are also referred to, is a calm dog, the answer in clear, unambiguous terms: absolutely! They’re arguably one of the calmest breeds out there. Intrigued? Dive right in as we unveil more about this fascinating canine.

Newfoundlands stand out for a variety of reasons. Their imposing size in itself makes them striking, to say the least! Often seen in black, brown or white-and-black (also called Landseer), these dogs often weigh between 100-150 pounds. Females tend to be at the lower end of the scale, while males are usually heavier. But this doesn’t prevent these dogs from being gentle, caring and incredibly patient.

Newfoundland dogs embody the proverb ‘Still waters run deep.’ They may seem quiet and serene but lurking beneath that calm exterior is an active mind. They are smart, perceptive dogs and are great problem solvers. Whether it’s finding the biscuit jar hidden away in the top shelf or figuring out how to get a ball that’s rolled under the couch, they’re always up for challenges.

But what truly sets Newfoundlands apart is their ability to stay calm under pressure. Despite their substantial size and strength, they’re basically an overgrown lap dog. Independent yet docile, these dogs are perfect if you’re looking for a breed that’s less demanding of your time in terms of exercise. A few leisurely walks and some playtime are good enough for them. However, don’t be misled into thinking they’re lazy. They perform robustly in obedience, agility and working events.

Newfies love water. No, they’re obsessed with it! NASD or Newfoundland Aquatic Safety Duty is a thing, you know. They were originally bred as working dogs by fishermen, so they’re natural swimmers. Their large lung capacity, webbed feet, water-resistant coat, and rudder-like tail equip them incredibly well for the job. If you have a pool, a Newfie will make the most of it!

These guys are famous therapy and rescue dogs. There’s a reason they’re called Canine Lifeguards! They’ve been known to save lives in water, thanks to their innate love for the liquid element and their calm disposition. Keeping cool under duress is genetically hardwired into them, making them outstanding rescue dogs.

Along with being calm and collected, Newfoundlands are also known for their affectionate nature. They’re great with kids and steadfastly patient, which makes them a great fit for families. The dog’s high tolerance and gentle playfulness endear them to children, ensuring they’ve got a companion for crafts, storytelling, or even a quiet nap. Gentle yet protective, a Newfie can be the ideal mate for your kids.

Newfoundland dogs are also known to get along well with other animals. If you have other pets at home, a Newfie could be the perfect addition to your menagerie. Their laidback nature often helps them adapt well in multi-pet households.

Owning a Newfoundland requires consistent grooming. Their thick double coat needs regular brushing to prevent matting and tangling. And oh, they do drool a whole lot! If you’re not comfortable with a bit of slobber, you might want to reconsider. However, their amiability and calm demeanor greatly outweigh any such grooming hassles.

In conclusion, a Newfoundland dog is indeed a calm dog. They’re loving, caring, and incredibly patient. Their large but lovable demeanor is excellent for families with children or pets. They’re hardwired to keep their cool, especially under pressure. If you want a dog who is calm, dependable, and also a great swimmer, a Newfoundland dog could be your best bet. These gentle giants will win your heart with their serene and patient nature. Remember, they’re not just a dog – they’re the embodiment of a comforting, reassuring presence that is larger than life, both physically and metaphorically!