Does an English Springer Spaniel shed a lot?

The English Springer Spaniel, fondly known as Springer, is a tail-wagger recognized for its keen sense of intelligence, vibrancy, boundless energy, and a heartful of affection. But you might be surprised to know that these hard-charging hunting dogs are also skillful yarn spinners. Yup, you heard it right! No, not the typical fairytale kind – we’re talking about the fur kind.

Nobody loves a furball bouncing around the house less than the person assigned to the tedious task of cleaning and vacuuming. Here is a ‘hairy’ secret about Springers that few people know. They have a double fur coat! This dual furry armor is made of a tough and waterproof outer layer combined with a much softer and warmer undercoat, all designed to protect these bouncy buddies from the harsh elements while out hunting. It’s like wearing layers of clothing to protect against the bitter cold or heavy rain.

Now, tracks of fur on your carpet might have led you to wonder, “Do English Springer Spaniels shed a lot?”. Well, the short answer is both yes and no. Fascinating as it sounds, we’ll delve into this mystery further and uncover the ‘hairy’ truth about these adorable furry pals.

While Springers do not fall into the heavy shedder category like their other canine cousins, they still do shed, especially during seasonal changes. Here comes the ‘yes’ part. When the weather changes in spring and autumn, proof of your Springer’s hair-do will be left behind on everything from your couch to your favorite black dress. It seems like, just like us humans, Springer’s like to get a new wardrobe according to the season, but, unfortunately, it means sloughing off their old fur.

However, once this ‘change of wardrobe’ phase is over, an English Springer Spaniel goes into minimal shedding mode. Now, this is why we say ‘no’ they don’t shed a lot. You’re more likely to find traces of their fur around the house sporadically and not feel as if your floor is carpeted with Springer Spaniel hair.

So, how can you manage this ‘fur’nomenon? We’re going to help you with some ‘pawsome’ tips.

First, grooming is the key. English Springer Spaniels love a good pampering session. A thorough brushing about twice or thrice a week can work wonders, keeping shedding to a minimum and making sure your pooch’s coat is free from mats and tangles. Most importantly, regular grooming is a lovely bonding time with your Springer. It can be a relaxing session that both of you can look forward to every week.

If you’re wondering how to go about it, a slicker brush or pin brush are great for your Springer’s outer coat. These will glide smoothly, detangling it while providing a soothing massage. For the undercoat, a deshedding tool or a rake will prove helpful. Remember, to work gently, we wouldn’t want our soft-hearted friend to feel uncomfortable.

The second tip is regular bathing. While, as a rule, dogs shouldn’t be bathed too often, a bath once a month or once every six weeks should be fine for your Springer. Fancy dog shampoos may tempt you, but a gentle, natural, soap-free dog shampoo will do the job just fine.

Finally, maintaining a balanced diet can also help reduce excessive shedding in Springers. Foods rich in Omega-three or fish oil supplements can nourish the coat, keeping it healthy and reducing the shedding.

In conclusion, an English Springer Spaniel features a double coat which does shed, but with proper care and attention, the shedding can be kept to a manageable level. While it might sound like a lot of work, the joy, love, and energy a Springer brings to a family thoroughly justifies the effort. Just be prepared to commit a bit of time to grooming activities, and you and your Springer can enjoy a vibrant and, relatively, fur-free life together.