What to do when it’s raining and your dog needs to pee?

It’s not raining cats and dogs. It’s just raining. And your furry friend needs to pee. What do you do?

If this situation sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone! Dogs and their humans face this rain-drenched dilemma quite often. It becomes particularly perplexing when your canine companion, despite possessing an animal instinct, displays an unwillingness to step out, mirroring their human’s uncertainty for the same.

The rain pelting on a metal roof might sound like a soothing melody to your ears. However, for your beloved pet, this could be reason enough to hold onto its bladder. The whizzing sound intimidates several breeds, making them hesitant to leave the comfort of their shelter.

What’s more, canines can perceive the physical discomfort that comes with being drenched. Humans have the convenience of umbrellas and raincoats, but for our pups, getting wet can mean catching a chill, emanating a peculiar smell, or enduring the mundanity of a post-rain bath.

Most significantly, dog breeds vary in physical attributes and temperaments, implying they also differ in their responses to rain. For instance, smaller dog breeds may worry about drowning in water puddles or getting splashed with driveways’ runoff water. Brachycephalic breeds, like Bulldogs or Pugs, often struggle to maintain their body temperature, making them averse to wet weather.

But what it truly boils down to is how important it is to establish a routine for your dog, rain or shine. “Consistency is important. Dogs, just like humans, are creatures of habit, and breaking or altering that routine might lead to anxiety and various behavioral problems,” comments Alexandra Horowitz, a dog-cognition researcher at Barnard College, New York City.

Now that we have established the reasons behind your pup’s rain aversion, here’s a playbook of what you can do when it’s raining and your dog needs to pee:

  1. Invest in Pet-Friendly Rain Gear: Just as raincoats and boots keep you dry, similar outfits designed for dogs can help manage this wet predicament. Here’s a tip – introduce this gear to your pet on a bright and sunny day. Making them wear it for the first time on a rainy day might overwhelm them all the more.

  2. Plan Ahead with the Weather Forecast: With weather forecasts handy, plan your dog’s outdoor time around showers. This could keep both of you dry and maintain your furry friend’s routine.

  3. Outdoor Training: Gradual exposure may help combat your pet’s rain phobia. You might want to start this process slowly, at first exposing them to a light drizzle and then graduating to heavier showers. Remember – patience is key.

  4. Indoor Diapers or Pee Pads for Emergencies: To avoid accidents during extended rainfall, keep these options at bay. Keep a close watch initially to ensure your pet knows its purpose.

  5. Covered Outdoor Spots: If you have covered areas outdoors, encourage your pet to relieve themselves there. Over time, dogs adapt to these changes accordingly.

  6. Make it Fun: Positivity always helps. Keep a stash of their favorite treats handy. This could motivate your canine to overcome their fear.

  7. Hire a Dog Walker: Dedicated professionals are trained to handle dogs during unfavorable weather conditions. This might add to your expenses but can be beneficial in the longer run.

  8. Consider Dog Litter Boxes: Another option could be using dog litter boxes. They come with artificial turf that may allow your dog to relieve themselves in a setting that feels ‘natural’.

In conclusion, empathy and adaptation go hand in hand. Just as your dog puts in effort to understand and adjust to human habits, it’s only fair for you to comprehend and help them through their rain issues. The flourishing Dog Planet offers many solutions to this seemingly common issue, and with a little extra effort and patience from your end, your dog could soon be enjoying the rain as much as it loves chasing its tail.

Remember, the goal is to help your pet, and not compel it. With time, your furry companion may well come around to accept, if not appreciate, the rain drops just as they do the sunshine. Who knows, you may soon be dancing in the rain together!