Is the Norwegian Buhund a good family dog?

Once upon a time, in the rugged terrains of Norway, brave explorers of the Viking Age returned home from an adventurous day, not to an empty, bone-chilling dwelling, but to a bundle of pure joy and a warmth like no other – in the form of fluffy, perky-eared creatures known as the Norwegian Buhund.

These loyal Nordic dogs, which have been companions of Norwegians since time immemorial, just might be your perfect household pet too. After all, the term ‘Buhund’ itself translates to ‘farm dog’ – they have been bred to be universal helpers around the homestead, tending to all the necessary daily tasks. But beyond this historical role, today’s Norwegian Buhund has so much more to offer.

So, let’s embark on a journey of exploring the ins and outs of the Norwegian Buhund as a family dog. Are you ready? Then let’s brush up on our Norwegian and dive right in!

Long before GPS and modern technology, these dogs were sailors’ best companions, guiding the Vikings on their sea travels with their strong sense of direction. Besides their historical significance, there’s a whole array of reasons you might consider adopting a Norwegian Buhund for your family.

The Norwegian Buhund is known for its friendly, cheerful, and playful nature. These dogs not only get along well with children, but they also thrive in an environment that is full of activity and social interactions. A game of fetch in the backyard or a walk in the park is their idea of a fun day out.

But while they are playful, they are equally obedient to their human counterparts. Training a Norwegian Buhund is a delight – they are quick learners, grasping new commands and tricks in no time. This is a testament to their intelligence and their willingness to please their human family.

One of the key aspects that make the Norwegian Buhund suitable for families is their medium size. Weighing in at 13-18kg (29-40 lbs) and standing around 43-47 cm (17-18.5 inches) tall, they are neither too large to intimidate small children nor too small to be at risk of getting hurt during rough play. Their strong, compact bodies are a perfect balance of agility and strength.

However, there’s more to the Norwegian Buhund than just physical traits and historical significance. These dogs are equipped with personalities that make a house truly feel like a ‘home sweet home’.

Buhunds are often described as being extremely affectionate. They form strong bonds with their preferred humans and are happiest when included in all family activities. They show their affection through gentle nudging, cheerful barking, and, of course, countless lick attacks.

This bond doesn’t taper off when it comes to the other four-legged members of the household. Norwegian Buhunds are known to get along quite well with other pets. They view their furry mates as members of their pack and are often seen engaging in healthy, friendly play along with them.

Buhunds also exhibit a deep sense of loyalty and protection. They will go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their loved family members, making them excellent handful watchers. If appropriately socialized, they can differentiate between a threat and a visitor, preventing unnecessary aggression.

Now being the vigilant watchdogs that they are, Buhunds might bark more often than not. While this can be excellent for alerting the household of any unusual occurrences, it could also test your patience if not effectively managed. Training can help manage this, but you’ll need to be consistent and patient.

Also, their double coat, which protects them from the harsh Norwegian winters, sheds heavily twice a year. Regular grooming will be necessary to keep your home fur-free.

Moreover, as energetic dogs, Buhunds require daily exercise to stay happy and prevent destructive behavior. A long walk, a hearty game, or a good run will keep your dog satisfied. This active nature coincides perfectly for families with an energetic lifestyle.

In conclusion, every family would want a pet that is loving, loyal, fun-loving, and protective – traits that fit the Norwegian Buhund to a tee. Their agility, size, and easy trainability make them incredible companions for little humans, and their loyalty and protective nature make them a comforting presence for adults.

So, is the Norwegian Buhund a good fit for your family? Well, if your family is willing to manage their exercise needs, grooming requirements, and the occasional barking outbursts, this playful, loving dog breed can bring joy, warmth, and companionship to your family like no other!