Is the American Eskimo Dog the smartest dog?

How about meeting a dog that can outshine you on multiple levels? Rolling over and fetching are not the only tricks they are proud of! An American Eskimo dog would amuse you with its Einstein-like intelligence. Surprised to hear that? You probably haven’t met an American Eskimo dog yet! These adorable, fluffy canines are not just attractive and friendly but also exceedingly smart.

What makes certain breeds smarter than their counterparts? According to canine intelligence ranking by Stanley Coren, a Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, dogs are usually evaluated on two aspects: understanding of new commands and obedience to first commands. The American Eskimo dog outperforms in both of these!

Historically, these white fluffy dogs were bred for the purpose of guarding people and property and were circus performers, not just because of their stunning appearance, but due to their high intelligence level. Their uncanny ability to learn tricks quickly became a hand-clapping spectacle!

With its iconic fence-jumping and tightrope-walking tricks, these Eskimo dogs would bounce around the circus ring to an entranced audience! All these performances required a dog to have problem-solving skills, quick reflexes, and an ability to follow commands, which these dogs had in abundance.

However, their intelligence doesn’t just stop in the realm of tricks and commands. American Eskimo dogs are intuitive and adaptive. They are capable of understanding human emotions, making them great companions.

But remember, owning such an astute dog comes with its own set of challenges. Being smart, these dogs need constant mental stimulation. They get bored pretty easily and if they are not kept engaged, they might choose a destructive path like chewing your favorite shoes or scratching the furniture.

You can keep them mentally sharp by teaching them new tricks, involving them in puzzle solving games, organizing dog playdates, or simply engaging them in daily walks and exercises. Each of these options provides a different form of stimulation. For example, learning new tricks would challenge their problem-solving skills, while physical exercises would enhance their agility.

A word of caution is that though American Eskimo dogs are smart, each dog is an individual. You cannot expect every Eskimo pup to be a budding circus star or an expert watchdog. Their intelligence, like human intelligence, can vary.

Moreover, the intelligence of your American Eskimo dog largely depends on the bond you share. You must remember that these dogs were bred as companion dogs. They are not just an average dog with their super-smart algorithm. They need a healthy relationship with their human friends.

Socialization also plays a critical role in shaping their intelligence. Just like humans, dogs learn from their experiences. The more you expose your fido to diverse situations and people, the smarter he gets. The American Eskimo dogs’ flair for social interactions aids their learning process and as a result, you will find trained Eskimo dogs to be calmer and more behaved.

Training an American Eskimo dog is not a child’s play because of their strong-willed nature. Hence, it’s crucial to practice patience, consistency and positive reinforcement. While you might feel challenged taming their versatile mind at times, their joyful spirit and loving nature would make it all worth it.

In a nutshell, American Eskimo dogs are a package full of surprises! Their intelligence coupled with their humbling companionship makes them a desirable pet. So, if you have that zest to unravel the mysteries clasped in their sparkling eyes, then this eternally-smiling, fluffy buddy might be the right fit for you! Your American Eskimo dog would surprise you every day with his wit and you might find yourself wondering often, “Is my dog outsmarting me today?”.