Is Papillon a friendly dog?

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Ink, the four-legged vigilante of the town of Milngavie. Not your traditional knight in shining armor, Ink’s idea of vanquishing dragons involves charging fearlessly at towering St. Bernards, Labradors, and any other sizable ‘enemy’ that dares enter his territory. You see, Ink is a Papillon. Weighing in at just about 8 pounds, this tiny furred package nonetheless holds a heart bursting with bravery!

You may ask why the tale of Ink, the rather quirky Papillon, should concern you. Well, if you are considering bringing a Papillon into your life, it helps to know exactly what to expect. Spoiler alert – it’s not just all about owning a dog with perfectly symmetrical butterfly-like ears!

Let’s begin to unpick this small but powerful bundle of joy.

The Papillon breed originally hails from France; their name translates to ‘butterfly’ in French, an ode to their distinct fan-shaped ears. Historically, they were adored by nobility worldwide – look at any European royal portrait from the 16th and 17th century, and you’ll likely find a Papillon or two. Queen Marie Antoinette herself was said to have walked to the guillotine with her Papillon at her side. Now, that’s loyalty!

But you might think, being the queen’s favorite and all, they must be pretty friendly, right? Well, just like Ink, the brave vigilante from Milngavie, Papillons definitely pack a big dog personality into their small stature. Papillons can be incredibly social creatures, not only with their human companions but also other dogs and even strangers.

However, before you decide this warrior breed will be your perfect canine compadre, it’s good to remember the phrase ‘friends not food’. Papillons, despite their insect-inspired name and small size, are not lunchtime prey. They have a natural watchdog instinct and can be quite territorial at times, meaning they won’t hesitate to jump headfirst into danger in an attempt to protect their home and loved ones.

This doesn’t mean they are naturally aggressive or anti-social. It simply underlines their inherent boldness and bravery. Proper training, early socialization, and a balanced diet to ensure good health can help channel their protective nature to the right causes.

Now, you may think you’ve got the Papillon all figured out—tiny, courageous, and royally favored. However, there’s another tender side to this intelligent breed. Papillons are incredibly affectionate too! They have been known to be quite the cuddlers when in the mood and are always willing for some lap time. So, while your Papillon is ready to chase away the occasional intruder, they’ll be just as eager to nestle into your lap while you watch a movie.

That said, be prepared for some mischief! As smart and strategic as they are, Papillons can be quite playful and curious. While their intelligence makes them a dream to train, their inquisitive nature could have them digging through your laundry basket or unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper while you’re at work. So, remember to puppy-proof your home, keep stimulating toys around, and find a good place to hide your favorite shoes!

Given their high energy levels, another great way to channel their curiosity and keep them from any mischief is by scheduling regular exercise. A good combination of indoor games, outdoor walks, and agility training can help keep them mentally stimulated and physically fit.

In summary, the Papillon embodies an incredible mix of fearlessness, affection, curiosity, and intelligence. If you’re considering adding a Papillon to your family, know that you will be getting more than a show-stopping beauty. You’ll likely have a devoted protector, an insatiable playmate, a clever problem-solver, and a loving companion.

So, is a Papillon a friendly dog? Yes, incredibly so, but they are also so much more! Brave warriors, intelligent problem-solvers, and loving fur-balls—all tinges of character that make owning a Papillon a wonderfully rewarding experience.

Incorporate love, patience, proper training, and socialization into their lives early, and like Queen Marie Antoinette, you too could find a loyal companion in the Papillon—one that stands by your side against anything… even an approaching guillotine!