Is Brussels Griffon a friendly dog?

Despite standing at a mere seven to eight inches tall and weighing in at under ten pounds, the Brussels Griffon compacts a great deal of heart and personality into their tiny form. If you’re a potential pet owner seeking a small dog with an affectionate nature, then the Brussels Griffon is an ideal breed to consider. These little dogs are fittingly recognized as ‘Velcro dogs,’ due to their irrevocable attachment to their humans. Interestingly, the breed’s sensitive trait is attributed to its history as a highly loved vermin hunter.

Originating from Belgium’s capital, Brussels, this ancient breed has been bred over centuries from the Affenpinscher, English Toy Spaniel, and possibly the Pug and Yorkshire Terrier. The outcome is an affectionate breed, strutting a distinctive ‘monkey face’ due to their round heads, big eyes, and almost human-like expressions. Known for their endless charm and unwavering loyalty, Brussels Griffons are revered pets endowed with the perfect balance of cheekiness and charm that gets them to everyone’s attention.

Brussels Griffon dogs are friendly, yet they showcase sheer determination and grit, which they presumably inherited from their ancestors who were highly adept vermin hunters. However, their resounding love for humans makes it necessary for them to stay around their owners whenever possible. They quickly become attached to their families, and they are friendly with both kids and adults alike.

However, it’s worth noting that while they are amicable chaps, they may not mix well with younger children echoing their tiny stature. Small children may handle these modest dogs with a lack of caution, leading to anxiety or even injury. So, if you have young kids in your home, it’s vital to ensure that they understand how to safely and properly interact with a griff. Despite this caveat, Brussels Griffons are also recognized to be patient listeners and quick learners. These traits, along with their compact size, make them ideal companions for older pet owners, singles, or families with older children.

This little canine carries its heart on its paw, often mirroring the moods of its human family. If you’re excited, so is your Brussels Griffon. If you’re sad, expect to have a tiny furball cuddling up to you in solemn solidarity. Just remember, an unhappy Brussels Griffon may quickly show signs of separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. Aside from craving for the constant company, this breed is also known for its pride and stubbornness at times. But not to worry, with the right training and socialization, your Griff will grow to be an obedient, well-behaved friend.

Let’s dive a little deeper into training this breed. Brussels Griffons are intelligent and fast learners. They excel in various dog sports, including agility, obedience, and rally, due to their active nature. Training sessions should be kept short and interesting to maintain their interest. Also, remember to use positive reinforcement techniques as opposed to harsh methods of training, which can often backfire with this sensitive breed. Their stubborn streak might surface if the sessions become monotonous, so ensure to keep the exercises varied and exciting.

A point to note is that Brussels Griffons are known to be prone to certain health issues. They might face ocular problems due to their protruding eyes. They are also prone to certain heart conditions, hip dysplasia, and respiratory difficulties due to their short snouts. Brussels Griffon owners should be vigilant in monitoring their pet for health issues and make regular vet visits a priority.

So should you adopt a Brussels Griffon as your new pet? If you’re looking for a small, friendly, intelligent, and loving dog breed, then the answer is a resounding yes. With their cheeky charm, boundless love, and heart-melting expressions, Brussels Griffons can quickly turn into your heart’s favorite furry resident. Just remember, they require a loving home where they can be at the center of attention most of the time. If you can offer them that, a Brussels Griffon will prove to be a friend through and through.