Is Akita a guard dog?

Did you know that Helen Keller, the famous American author, speaker and political activist, was the first person to bring an Akita dog to the USA? The Akita breed is named after the mountainous northern region in Japan where they originally come from. Today, they are one of the most beloved dog breeds around the world. But, you may wonder, are they suitable as guard dogs?

Let’s dive into understanding how well Akitas are suited for this role.

Akitas are strong, powerful dogs that physically make natural guardians. Their muscular stature and intimidating appearance are deterrents for anyone who poses a threat. In history, the Akita breed was initially developed to be a diligent hunter and an efficient protector of the Royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. Given their deep-rooted protective instinct, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Akitas are touted to be one of the best choices of guard dogs out there.

Loyal and devoted, Akitas are innately protective. Often, they get closely attached to family members that they consider their pack. But, their loyalty doesn’t surpass their innate cautiousness. They aren’t cuddly with unfamiliar people. Instead, Akitas can be aloof and skeptical around strangers until they prove themselves to be friendly, making them a symbol of built-in home security system.

Guard dogs aren’t usually the first choices as a family pet, but the Akita breed might just shift your perception on that. They are versatile dogs who can fit well into family life and can also be diligent protectors. Lets delve further into why an Akita would make an excellent guard dog and how to best harness their natural guard dog instincts.

Firstly, their height and build. Male Akitas can stand about 24-28 inches to the shoulder, while females typically measure in at 22-26 inches. Despite being in the list of large dog breeds, Akitas are agile and physically strong. Their strict and dignified expression naturally commands respect and might scare off any potential intruders looking for a easy target.

Secondly, their temperament. Akitas are intelligent dogs with strong instincts to guard and protect. They are quick learners too. With substantial training and socialization, their natural instincts can be properly channeled, making them both great family pets and guard dogs.

Thirdly, their ‘fearlessness’. Akitas are fearless and tough. They’ve been known to fearlessly defend their pack against larger opponents. Their courage and bravery have been celebrated in countless anecdotes and stories, making them one of the preferred choices as guard dogs.

However, their guard dog capabilities aren’t just about their physical appearance and bravery. Akitas have a high pain threshold, which could come in handy when dealing with burglars. While we hope it never comes to that, it is reassuring to know that even if your Akita gets injured while protecting your family, they would likely continue to fight and hold off the intruder.

Training, of course, plays a crucial role in how effective an Akita might be as a guard dog. Akitas are independent and strong willed. If not trained effectively from an early age, these characteristics can lead to unwanted aggressive behaviours. But, with the right approach, commitment and consistency, training an Akita to be an affectionate family pet and an efficient guard dog is a feasible goal.

Remember, not all Akitas will make perfect guard dogs, just like not all humans excel at every task set before them. Every dog, just like every person, has a unique personality and behaviour pattern. So, if you’re considering an Akita as a guard dog, take the time to assess individual temperaments.

In conclusion, Akitas have a history of being dedicated protectors, they have a strong physical presence, and a natural instinct to protect their family. Properly socialized and trained, they can embody the best of both worlds – lovable family pets and adept watchdogs. They may not be the easiest breed to train, but their loyalty, intelligence, and guardianship makes it worth the effort. Still, as with any breed, an Akita should never be chosen solely on its abilities as a guard dog. Always consider whether their needs, behaviours and requirements align with your family and lifestyle before bringing an Akita into your home.