Is Akita a good first dog?

Did you know that ancient Japanese nobility once considered Akitas to be sacred and brought them good luck and health? These powerful, wise dogs are known for their loyalty. They’re the hearty breed known for starring in the world-renowned heart warmer movie – ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’. The movie brought tears to millions of eyes around the world, but it also sparked interest and intrigue in the Akita breed.

So, if you’re considering adding an Akita as a furry family member, you’re undoubtedly charmed by their distinct spitz-like looks and wondering if they’d make a good first pooch. Well, hold tight as we leash into an adventure to find out if an Akita is indeed a good match for a first-time dog owner.

Dating back to the 17th century, Akitas have been involved in a variety of roles from hunting to companionship, giving them a cross-functional breed development. They would wrestle with their owners and work as a team to hunt large game such as wild boars, deer, and sometimes even bears.

But does that make them an ideal first dog? Answering this question requires an understanding of Akitas from three perspectives –Temperament, Training, and Healthcare.

The Akita Temperament

Akitas are often described as dignified, courageous, fiercely loyal, and are known for their seemingly endless patience. A well-bred Akita is affectionate with their family, including children, making them wonderful family dogs. But remember, they can also be a little reserved and aloof towards strangers. Akitas have a strong protective instinct towards their family, making them fantastic watchdogs. As much as they’re loving, remember, their strong instinct implies they might not get along well with other dogs of the same gender.

Training an Akita

While Akitas are intelligent dogs, they’re often described as stubborn. This could prove slightly challenging for novice owners. Positive reinforcement is crucial in training an Akita. They’re quick learners but don’t respond well to harsh or aggressive training methods. Early socialization is a key factor to ensure they grow up to be well-rounded dogs. Akitas love a good challenge, and they feel contented when tasked with jobs. So, incorporating obedience training along with mental stimulation would be ideal.

The Akita’s Health

Owing to their large size, Akitas are prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia and autoimmune disorders. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet can help monitor and maintain good health. They also require regular exercise to keep obesity at bay. Grooming needs aren’t too demanding for this breed as their coat is self-cleaning, much like that of a cat, with regular brushing sufficient to keep them looking at their best.

While their stubbornness and strong instinct might seem intimidating, remember that Akitas are also the dogs of patience and immense loyalty. If you’re a first-timer looking for a dog that showers you with abundant love and also safeguards your home, Akita could be the breed for you.

Before making a decision, it might be worth spending time with an Akita. Perhaps you could offer to dog-sit for a friend or spend time at a shelter. This hands-on experience can help give you a better understanding of if you and this loyal, loving breed are a perfect match.

It’s also essential to consider the responsibility that comes with owning an Akita. It’s not just about the initial costs of bringing one home but the long-term commitments in terms of time, healthcare, and general upkeep. So, here’s a word of advice: don’t just research, experience it too.

In conclusion, an Akita can make an excellent first dog, but it is heavily dependent on your temperament as an owner, your willingness to put in the time and the effort for training, and of course, the amount of affection you’re ready to both give and receive from these gorgeous, loyal creatures.

Because at the end of the day, owning a dog is not about having a pet – it’s about adding a new member to your heart and home, a member that will leave a trail of paw prints etched on your heart for a lifetime.