Is a Chinese Crested a smart dog?

Did you know that Steven Spielberg, Gisele Bundchen, and even the illustrious Sigmund Freud all shared their homes with a rather strange but incredibly intelligent creature? No, it wasn’t an alien, a supermodel, or a genius psychiatrist from the 20th century – but rather, a Chinese Crested dog! These delightful, fiercely smart, and somewhat unusual dogs have been charming celebrities and regular folks alike for centuries with their unique appearance and remarkable intelligence.

Originally bred in China to keep beds warm (yes, you read that right), the Chinese Crested prove to be not only trendy and convenient companions, but also smart, responsive, and easily trainable. Their intelligence is not just manifested in academic studies, but also in their daily behaviors, which are often marked by a certain cunningness and wit that surprises even seasoned dog owners.

The Chinese Crested, despite its name, is not actually from China but traces its roots to Africa. Talk about starting off on a multilingual and multicultural note! Isn’t it fascinating? The Chinese traders spotted these dogs on one of their trading missions to Africa and instantly fell in love. They brought some of these dogs to China, and the dogs adapted quickly and perfectly to their new homes until they became synonymous with China. This, in turn, speaks volumes about the adaptability and intelligence of these “roaming nomads.”

While the name can be misleading, the ‘crested’ part couldn’t ring truer! These dogs have crests of hair along their heads, feet, and tails, with the rest of their body usually hairless. A seemingly odd appearance, right? But take a closer look, and you’ll see an elegant, agile creature with a winning personality. Their hair is often styled in various ways, showcasing the dog’s expressive face.

Their intelligence isn’t just in their adaptability, but also in their behavior. Stop thinking about your dog fetching the newspaper, and think about a dog that can engage you in a game of chess – metaphorically speaking, of course. Their memory is impeccable. Once they learn a pattern, they know it forever.

Some owners have reported that their Chinese Crested dogs can recognize their own reflections. This mental agility makes them keen problem solvers who are often caught on camera using props around the house to solve various puzzles. You might just walk in one day to find your Chinese Crested dog building a staircase out of pillows to climb up the counter!

Everyone has seen videos of dogs reacting to their own reflections in a mirror, often barking or scratching at the unfamiliar intruder. Contrastingly, the Chinese Crested doesn’t bother with any of this. They have been known to preen and groom themselves in front of mirrors. This sensitivity extends to an emotional level as well. The Crested breeds are hyper-aware of their owners’ emotions and environments, showing incredible perception with sentiments.

Now, despite their whimsical appearance and great intelligence, Chinese Crested dogs are usually subdued and calm. They aren’t just about brains, either. They are excellent, loving family pets. Despite their calm nature, they’re known to have a playful side, often performing tricks to entertain you or engaging in games of their own creation. Training them is extremely easy because not only do they understand and learn quickly, they genuinely enjoy the process of learning.

Having a Chinese Crested dog isn’t just about having a smart pet around the house but about encountering a different level of dog-human interaction and understanding. This smart, sensitive, and loving dog breed will undoubtedly enrich your life in ways you never imagined!

But before you rush out the door to fetch one for yourself, remember that this is not just a pet but a living creature with specific needs, habits, and behaviors that require understanding, patience, and flexibility from your end. This exceptional intelligence comes with a few caveats – they require ample mental stimulation to avoid boredom-induced destructive behavior and may suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

On top of that, they aren’t very fond of the cold due to their lack of dense fur, and they need frequent bathing and grooming to keep their skin healthy. Their sharp minds need constant training and challenge to remain stimulated and happy. But given the right amount of care, love, and attention, the Chinese Crested can be an amazingly rewarding companion. And you’d be amazed to discover the levels of understanding a dog can achieve!

So the next time you see a Chinese Crested dog, don’t just see a potentially unusual pet with its tufts of hair or hairless body. Instead, see a phenomenal example of canine intelligence capable of so much more than chasing a ball around the yard. Take a bow, Chinese Crested – you’re giving smart dogs everywhere a run for their money!