Is a Chinese Crested a good first dog?

Picture yourself curled up, bathed in the romantic glow of a fireplace. A cozy ball of fluff snuggles against you purring (or snoring) lullabies. Love it already, don’t you? It’s not a figment of imagination; instead, it’s the reality you could be living with a puppy around the home, specifically, a Chinese Crested. But is a Chinese Crested the ideal breed for a first-time dog owner? This notion may be as new to you as the idea of the tooth fairy being your parents (Sorry kids!).

I guess it’s no spoiler to say the answer is a big, resounding Yes! However, like every Hollywood movie with big stars, there’s a backstory to consider. This article will cover why these small, often hairless creatures make a fabulous pet for first-timers and what to anticipate while welcoming them into your hopefully dog-proofed homes.

Considered the supermodels of the dog world, Chinese Crested dogs come in two variations, Hairless and Powderpuff. While the hairless variant has silky hair only on its head, tail, and feet, the Powderpuff is a cuddly furball. Regardless of the variation, they exhibit tonnes of energy packed in a small, lightweight body. While the high-maintenance image might scare first-time pet owners, there are affirmative reasons why they are appropriate as first pets.

For starters, the breed is incredibly friendly. Known for their sociable nature, they love hanging around with their human pals. This social charm makes them ideal apartment pets. Even if you live in a modern tower lost amidst the concrete jungle, that wouldn’t be a problem, provided you give them their required playtime.

Secondly, they are more uncomplicated than a children’s math problem when it comes to training. They are intelligent and eager-to-please, which makes mastering commands a walk in the park for these pups – metaphorically, of course. This not only saves tons of your training time but also makes your journey with your first pet smooth and manageable.

You don’t need to worry about this dog racing around like a supercar either because their energy levels are a perfect blend of jazz and relaxation. Their exercise needs are relatively less extensive compared to other breeds, which is perfect for those just dipping their toes in the pet-owning world.

Another plus is their life expectancy—between 13-15 years—fairly long compared to the average dog lifespan. Despite their small size and delicate features, these dogs are quite sturdy and have fewer health problems too!

While all these facts would convince anyone that our Chinese friend surely makes an excellent pet, be warned, there a few critical points that demand your attention.

Surely their unique appearance piqued your interest, but it comes with an additional grooming responsibility. Their bare skin calls for sunscreen in summers and sweaters in winters. Their Powderpuff siblings need regular brushing.

Further, being social butterflies, they do not fare well with solitude. So, if you’re working a 9-to-5 job without anyone else at home, it may lead to anxious barking and destructive chewing.

In spite of the few challenges, a Chinese Crested truly is worth the effort and care. First dog or tenth, these fluff balls promise to brighten your day with their goofy smile and melt your heart with their unconditional love. After all, pets, irrespective of breed, are the best antidepressants one can have.

In my opinion, a Chinese Crested makes not just a good first dog, but an absolute cuddling companion and a lifelong friend. Who knows, you may just find yourself making up your mind about converting your home into a Chinese Crested sanctuary!

If you’re ready to add a canine twist to your world, start small with a Chinese Crested. After all, the best gifts do come in small packages! This tiny creature will undoubtedly scale great heights of dog-paw-renting experience, quite literally, with their love and affection.

After reading this, if a Chinese Crested pup is wagging its tail for you in your mind’s eye, it’s time to consider where you might get one. The pup would thank you with sparkling eyes full of love, and you’ll be glad you took this leap of faith.

As the famous quote goes,” Owning a dog is like getting a tattoo on your face. You better be committed before you do it,” owning a Chinese Crested might be the best-faced tattoo decision anyone could make. Just always remember, as a new pet owner, the love and care you provide your pet will always be reflected in its behavior.

So, when are you planning your first doggy date with a Chinese Crested?