Is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi a smart dog?

Ever seen a small, energetic dog with the heart of a lion and the brain of a human? Meet the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, a truly fascinating breed of dogs that barely make it above a person’s ankle in height but are far from being diminutive in intelligence. Bursting with wisdom, wit, and an intricate understanding of their surroundings, these unique canines prove that being low to the ground doesn’t mean they have ‘knee-level’ intellect!

Witnessing a Corgi make sophisticated decisions or solve complex problems may baffle you. With their bat-like ears perked up, twinkling eyes locked, they approach the puzzles of life with a certain nimbleness and agility that’s unrivaled.

Corgis are extraordinarily bright. Their intelligence goes beyond learning new tricks and commands. It’s their emotional intelligence that sets them apart. They possess an uncanny ability to tune into the emotional states of their family members, providing love and comfort when most needed. Corgis are not just intelligent; they’re intuitive.

These vivacious fidos are quick learners. They grasp commands faster than many other breeds. According to canine psychologist Stanley Coren who ranks dog breeds based on their intelligence, Corgis are ranked 11th smartest overall. He categorized their intelligence under the ‘excellent working dogs’ bracket. The first trait he measured was instinctive intelligence – a breed’s ability to perform the tasks they were bred for, such as herding, retrieving, guarding, or companionship. The second trait was adaptive intelligence, a dog’s ability to solve problems on their own. And thirdly, working and obedience intelligence, which measures a dog’s ability to learn from humans. In all of these categories, Corgis excel incredibly.

Now, let’s delve deeper into each dimension of their intelligence – adaptability, obedience, and problem-solving.


Cardigan Welsh Corgis are highly adaptable. These dogs were originally bred for herding livestock, a job requiring quick thinking and problem-solving skills. When faced with a problem, they use their sharp brains to work out a solution. If you’ve ever seen a Corgi herd, you’ll know it’s like watching a small, tactical military squad commanding order amidst chaos. Their adaptable intelligence is the hallmark of their tenacity.


In terms of obedience, Corgis might give you a run for your money. They’re sassy little furballs, who come with a streak of stubbornness. But don’t mistake their strong-willed nature for disobedience. These dogs are highly trainable, and once they understand that you’re the boss, they’re likely to comply. As Stephen King, an avid corgi owner says, “Corgis are not without a sense of humor” – and he’s right. Sometimes their joke is to pretend they’ve forgotten the rules. But a little patience and persistent training will push them up the obedience ladder.


Ever tried hiding a toy or a treat from a corgi? Good luck with that! These intelligent canines are experts in problem-solving. They will find their favorite toy somehow, by using their sense of smell, memory, and a fair bit of creative thinking. It’s a testament to their inherent intelligence.

Owning a Cardigan Welsh Corgi can be a rewarding experience. You’re not just getting a pet, but a companion well-equipped with intelligence and wit like no other. However, their high intelligence also means they require mental stimulation. Keeping these smart cookies engaged is the key to a healthy and happy Corgi.

Invest in puzzle toys, agility courses, and fun interactive games. Also, training sessions should be fun and varied to keep their interest. Remember, a bored Corgi might take to destructive behavior to entertain itself.

In conclusion, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a comprehensive package – a beautiful, intelligent, and loving creature that’s wrapped up in a small, furry, lovable body. Their smartness goes well beyond their adorable looks. Though they may be small, Corgis carry a world of wonder, affection, and intelligence in their petite stature.

So, if you’re considering a Cardigan Welsh Corgi for your next pet, be ready to welcome into your home, not just a bundle of energy but also a heap of intelligence. It will be a rewarding journey as you unravel their layers of intellect with each passing day. Prepare yourself to be amazed by their cognitive prowess while falling in love with their playful disposition. Because the Corgi, they’re not just any dog – they are a smart dog.