Does Shar-Pei shed a lot?

Did you know that Shar-Pei is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, its history dating back over 2000 years to the Han Dynasty in Southern China? Today, these adorable wrinkled dogs are cherished companions worldwide, known for their loyalty and aloof demeanors. While their unique appearance might be the first thing that attracts you to this breed, you’re probably wondering about the practical aspects of owning a Shar-Pei. Specifically, you might be thinking about your cleaning routine, and asking yourself “Does Shar-Pei shed a lot?”

Let’s dive into shedding: the ultimate nemesis of clean floors and allergy sufferers worldwide. Dogs shed fur for several reasons, mostly to replace old, damaged hair with new, healthy ones, and adapt to seasonal changes. Now, let’s talk about Shar-Pei. The answer to your query is a pleasant one: No, Shar-Peis do not shed excessively. They are considered to be a “moderate” shedding breed. Surprise!

The Chinese Shar-Pei has three coat types: Horse-coat, Brush-coat, and the rare Bear-coat. The Horse-coat is unmistakably rough to touch, while the Brush-coat is a bit longer and smoother. Bear-coat Shar-Peis feel mostly like a plush toy with their atypically longer, soft fur. While the Bear-coat Shar-Peis are indeed adorable, they are non-standard according to the breed’s standards, and tend to shed more than those with Horse or Brush coats.

Shar-Peis lose small amounts of hair throughout the year, but their fur doesn’t fly around as much as other breeds’. Seasonal shedding occurs during the transition from winter to summer when dogs shed winter undercoats to stay cool. With the right grooming, the shedding period will be smoother, making it much easier for both parties involved.

Now that you have the shedding question answered, you’re probably wondering what you can do to manage it. Here’s where we segue into some practical advice to ensure both your home and your dog are well-maintained.

Brushing: Given their short fur, Shar-Peis only require brushing once a week to remove dead hair and distribute natural skin oils. This helps to keep their skin healthy and reduces the appearance of hair around your home.

Bathing: Bathing your Shar-Pei once a month, or when needed, using a dog-safe shampoo will further reduce shedding. Each bath loosens and washes away a significant amount of loose hair, preventing it from spreading throughout your home.

Healthy Diet: The quality of a dog’s coat reflects its health, which is often directly linked to its diet. Providing your furry friend with high-quality, balanced pet food fortified with omega-3 fatty acids can improve skin health and subsequently decrease shedding.

Frequent Vet Checks: Veterans recommend that Shar-Peis get semi-annual skin checks due to their susceptibility to skin issues triggered by their characteristic wrinkles. Regular vet visits can help detect and treat skin conditions in their early stages, reducing overall discomfort and subsequent shedding.

Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner: This may sound like a footnote, but investing in a good pet hair vacuum cleaner can significantly help you manage pet hair in your home regardless of the amount your Shar-Pei sheds.

In conclusion, Shar-Peis are moderate shedders that require minimal grooming compared to many other breeds. While a certain level of shedding is unpreventable, proper care such as regular brushing, healthy diets, and frequent vet checks can significantly reduce excessive shedding.

Remember, while shedding might seem like a big concern for homeowners, it’s perfectly normal and healthy for dogs. Look beyond the hair flying around the house; what you have is a loyal companion in a Shar-Pei, a friend whose adoration for you would transcend any amount of fur shed!