Does Saluki shed a lot?

You’d be forgiven for not expecting a dog with such a sleek, gleaming coat like the Saluki to shed a lot. From their slender bodies to their feathered tails, these pups are the epitome of elegance and grace. But the big question on every prospective Saluki owner’s mind is: Are these stylish canines high-shedding breeds?

Let’s take a deep dive into that concern and find out.

In contrast to most opinions, the Saluki – often called “the royal dog of Egypt” for their centuries-old history – is a low to moderate shedder. That’s right! These dogs don’t shed a lot compared to other breeds. It might feel like a surprise because when people think of dogs, they often envision tumbleweeds of hair rolling about the living room floor. But with Salukis, the picture is quite different.

Now, don’t breathe out a sigh of relief just yet. Low to moderate shedding doesn’t mean the Saluki is a hypoallergenic breed or totally maintenance-free. In fact, they have some pretty unique grooming needs that you’ll need to tend to, to keep their exquisite, trademark coats in tip-top shape.

Being a sighthound, this breed has a thin coat that is designed for speed, not warmth. They were bred in the Middle East, for hunting purposes, which means they’re accustomed to warmer temperatures. Their dogs’ coats are short, straight, and feel slightly harsh to the touch, with fluffier feathering on their ears, tail, legs, and sometimes their thighs.

Salukis are customarily bathed every one to two weeks, and it is during these grooming sessions that most shedding occurs. However, even these grooming sessions won’t yield the kind of hair deluge you’d expect from a German Shepherd or a Labrador Retriever! Think of the shedding you’d encounter as more akin to the quantity you’d find when dealing with human hair – a few stray strands here and there that won’t overrun your home.

By using a fine-tooth comb or a slicker brush, you’ll find that the majority of your Saluki’s shed hair will come off during grooming, which means less of it scattered around your house. However, a pleasant surprise you’ll discover is that their hair lacks the usual “doggy smell” that other breeds often have. That’s because the Saluki’s coat naturally repels dirt and keeps them smelling fresh between baths.

It’s also important to note that Salukis shed more during certain periods, especially during the change of season from winter to spring when they’d shed their thicker winter coat. Hence, you might need to groom a bit more frequently during these times.

One marvelous thing about owning a Saluki is that their exercise needs – while substantial – can significantly help in minimizing shedding at home. Regularly taking them out for a good long romp, not only satiates their high energy levels but also lets their shedding hair out into the world, away from your furniture!

Now, if you’re a potential Saluki owner who can’t stand the sight of a single hair on their black dress or white couch, here’s a superbly useful tip – get a Saluki pup that matches your décor! The breed comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, cream, fawn, red, grizzle/tan, black/tan, and tri-color(black, white & tan).

In conclusion, while Salukis do shed, it’s quite manageable compared to many other breeds. If you can handle their high exercise needs, maintain a modest grooming routine, and perhaps color-coordinate your Saluki to your favorite furniture, these radiant and royal canines would be the perfect low-maintenance addition to keep your home hair-free and your lifestyle highly energized. Welcome to the delightful, surprising, and mostly non-exasperating world of Saluki shedding! Happy dog-owning!