Does Keeshond shed a lot?

Did you know that in the Dutch language, the word Keeshond pronounced: “kayz-hawnd” literally translates as “curly-haired dog”? It’s quite an apt description for these fluffy, friendly canines. Now, let’s delve into the microscopic world of the Keeshond: their coat and shedding habits.

If you’ve ever cuddled a Keeshond, then you know how delightfully cuddly and soft their coats are. They can give the snuggest cuddles there are. This friendly breed comes with ample fur, making it one of the fluffiest dog breeds you will ever come across. This pile of fur does not only make them exceedingly cute, but it also serves a functional purpose. The thick double coat protects Keeshonds in both chilly winters and hot summers, regulating their body temperature just like the insulation in your house.

However, with all that fur comes some responsibilities, a major one among them dealing with shed fur. So, does a Keeshond, with its thick, abundant coat shed a lot?

Yes, Keeshonds do shed, and quite consistently throughout the year too! They’re considered a high-shedding breed. That’s right! Those luscious, thick coats don’t maintain themselves. And while it can seem a little daunting, especially considering the amount of hair you’ll find on your clothes, furniture, and pretty much everywhere around the house, it’s a small price to pay for the joy a Keeshond brings!

Twice a year, like several other breeds with double coats, Keeshonds go through a period known as “blowing their coat.” During this time, they shed even more than usual. This usually happens in the spring and in the autumn. The purpose behind this natural phenomenon is to remove the thick winter fur to allow for a lighter summer coat.

Now, let’s talk about how to handle the shedding. Dealing with a high-shedding breed like the Keeshond can be a bit of a challenge. However, with some simple strategies you can manage it.

The first, and most obvious strategy, involves regular grooming. To keep the shedding under control, Keeshonds should ideally be brushed on a daily basis. This will not only help reduce the loose hair floating around your home but also keep their fur looking sleek and shiny. Regular brushing ensures that their skin can breathe properly and can also prevent potential health problems, such as skin infections or matting.

A grooming rake will tackle most loose hair from the undercoat. Metal combs do great work on thin coat areas like the ears and hocks, while slicker brushes are ideal for de-matting and de-tangling.

Frequent baths can also help deal with shedding, but be careful not to over-bathe as this can dry out the Keeshond’s skin and coat. Bathing once every 1-2 months is generally sufficient. Use a good quality dog shampoo to keep their coats healthy and shiny. Remember, the healthier the coat, the less uncontrolled shedding will occur.

Apart from regular grooming and baths, your Keeshond’s diet can also influence the shedding. A diet high in proteins and omega fatty acids can highly contribute to a healthy, moisturized coat, leading to less shedding. Always consult with your vet to find the best food for your Keeshond.

Lastly, remember that shedding can also be caused by stress, poor nutrition, or underlying medical issues. If you notice your Keeshond shedding excessively or bald spots appearing, it’s time to pay the vet a visit.

In conclusion, yes, the Keeshond does shed a lot, and this can sometimes be a major turn-off for potential dog owners. But don’t let a bit of dog hair deter you from considering the Keeshond as your next pet. After all, cleaning up fur is a small price to pay for enjoying the company of these loving, friendly, adorable creatures!

An important thing to remember is that shedding is a completely normal and healthy process for Keeshonds. By staying on top of grooming and ensuring a healthy diet you can easily manage their shedding, making it not seem so daunting anymore. And in return, you get a loyal, happy, fluffy companion! Who could say no to that?

So, it’s time to embrace the fur and welcome a Keeshond in your life, shedding and all!