Does Brittany shed a lot?

Did you know that Brittany Spaniels are one of the few breeds that are known for their exceptional energy and remarkable intelligence, not to mention their adorableness that is sure to brighten up anyone’s day? But, do they shed a lot?

If you’re planning to get a Brittany as a furry companion or yet already share your home with a joyous Brittany, there’s a high chance you might have pondered this question. Well, worry no more as we inform you about everything right from the Brittany’s grooming needs to effective ways to keep their shedding level minimal, right here in this article!

Let’s start by understanding the Brittany Spaniel.

As an optimistic, versatile and eager-to-please breed, Brittanys are renowned hunting dogs and are endowed with an all-weather coat. Their coat has the right kind of thickness to protect them from the brushing by rough bushes and also from different weather conditions ranging from rain, snow to heat.

Whenever we talk about the shedding of canine companions, it’s important to note that it’s a perfectly healthy and natural process that refreshes their coat. Therefore, even though some breeds, relatively, shed less than others, all dogs do shed!

Now, if you’re a prospective or current Brittany owner and are wondering – does a Brittany shed a lot? Here’s the straight answer. Yes, they do shed, but not as much as you might think!

The Brittany Spaniel, despite having a double-layered coat, is considered a moderate shedder. They usually have an undercoat that remains thick during the winters and thins out in the summers, leaving more hair around the house than usual. This phenomenon, generally referred to as “blowing their coat”, is when your Brittany will shed the most.

However, before you frown at the thought of cleaning fur off your furniture, clothing, and sometimes even food, you should know that their shedding can be effectively controlled.

Good Grooming – An Easy Solution

Every problem has a solution, right? And, with Brittany’s shedding, the answer quite simply is brushing your Brittany regularly. Yes, you read it correctly!

As a matter of fact, routinely brushing your Brittany can greatly control the shedding, as it helps remove loose hair before it finds its way to your favorite couch. Plus, it will make their coat look healthier and shinier by distributing oils from their skin throughout their coat. A win-win!

Proper brushing can be done using a medium-bristle brush, a hound glove or a rubber grooming mitt or tool. Brushing should be done a few times a week, particularly during their heavy shedding time to keep loose hair under control.

Nutrition Makes a Difference Too

It’s no secret that good health often reflects through the skin and the coat. Dogs that are fed wholesome meals with the right amount of essential nutrients usually have healthier skins leading to lesser hair shedding. While proteins help in the growth of new hair follicles, Omega-3 fatty acids nourish the undercoat.

Of course, if your Brittany seems to shed more than usual, it’s a good idea to consult a vet to rule out any health issues, as excessive shedding can sometimes be a signal of underlying health problems.

When battling shedding, it’s also important to remember to keep stress levels of your Brittany Spaniel in check. Yes, just like humans, even dogs can shed more when they’re stressed!

In conclusion, Brittany Spaniels do shed, but with a good grooming and feeding routine, the amount can be reduced considerably. Although a Brittany’s coat may need some attention, their ability to bring happiness, joy, and companionship to a household is priceless! Remember, a little fur is just part of the package when owning a wonderful pet like a Brittany!