Does an Australian Shepherd shed a lot?

You might think you know everything there is to know about the Australian Shepherd. This energetic and fun-loving dog, often called an “Aussie” for short, is a well-loved breed around the world. But did you know that the Australian Shepherd is not actually from Australia? What’s more, these canines are neither all shepherds nor do they all have the typical blue or red merle coats, as many often assume.

Instead, the Australian Shepherd breed was developed in the United States. They were bred for their incredible herding abilities and used primarily on ranches and farms. Over the years, Aussies have grown popular for their intelligence, versatility, and lovable personalities. Yet, despite their looks and lively energy, Australian Shepherds aren’t always the perfect fit for all pet owners. And one reason for that is shedding, an often overlooked but ever-relevant aspect when it comes to choosing a pet.

Yes! The Australian Shepherd does shed, and maybe more than you’d expect. Just like bracing yourself for the Aussie’s high-energy levels, understanding their shedding habits can go a long way in determining if this breed is the best match for your home and lifestyle.

Now, don’t let the thought of shedding scare you right away. Let’s dive into this topic head-on and explore everything you need to know about the Australian Shepherd’s shedding habits, including useful advice to effectively manage the fallout (literally!).

Australian Shepherds have two layers of fur – a dense undercoat and a longer, rough outer coat. This double-coat acts as a thermal wear that helps them keep warm during chilly winters and cool in the hotter months.

Most dog owners are familiar with the term ‘shedding season.’ That’s the time of the year, usually during the switch from winter to spring, when many canine breeds shed their old fur to make room for a lighter coat that suits the warmer climate. Conversely, as the cool season approaches, dogs shed their lighter coats to grow denser fur for staying warm.

However, in the case of Australian Shepherds, shedding isn’t just a seasonal activity. Aussies are what you could call ‘year-round shedders.’ Though they may shed excessively during spring and fall, some hair loss throughout the year is quite standard. These dogs are constantly losing old or damaged hair naturally. This continuous shedding helps maintain a healthy coat.

Now, does this mean your home will always look like a fur tornado hit it? Not necessarily! There are ways to manage and even reduce your Aussie’s shedding, turning it into a barely noticeable part of your pup’s care routine.

Regular grooming is the first and most crucial step to deal with shedding. Brushing your Aussie’s coat two to three times a week can immensely reduce the amount of loose fur drifting around your home. Brushing not only keeps their double coat looking great but also prevents mats and tangles, reducing the overall volume of fur shed. It’s a win-win!

When brushing, it’s important to reach down to their undercoat. A deshedding tool or a rake brush will come handy for this. These specialized tools are designed to penetrate the topcoat and gently remove loose fur from the undercoat, without hurting your Aussie or damaging their coat. Add bathing your Aussie once or twice a month, and you have a well-rounded shedding combat routine in place.

Another key aspect is your Aussie’s diet. A balanced diet rich in fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 is crucial. These nutrients ensure a healthy, shiny coat, reducing the chance of excessive shedding. It’s also a good idea to provide your pet with proper hydration. Just like in humans, a well-hydrated body functions better, and that includes maintaining a healthy coat.

Finally, remember: shedding can be natural, but excessive shedding might indicate a health problem. Skin irritation, allergies, hormonal imbalance, or even stress can cause your Aussie to shed more than usual. So, if you notice a sudden increase in shedding or your Aussie starts losing patches of fur, it’s best to get him checked by a vet.

There you have it! While Australian Shepherds do shed all year round, remember that your furry friend’s beauty and vivacity are surely more than a match for a bit of hair cleaning. With the right tools, a proper grooming routine, and a balanced diet, you can manage your Aussie’s shedding effectively and have a fabulous pet experience. Just remember, love them, pet them, brush them, and enjoy the exuberant companionship that an Australian Shepherd has to offer.