Does a Newfoundland dog shed a lot?

Pause for a moment and imagine a giant, lumbering bear-like creature, bounding through fields with a joyous, exuberant charisma that demands everyone’s attention. This is not a scene from the latest Disney movie, but a glimpse into the life of a Newfoundland dog, a gentle giant loved by many. With their soulful eyes and heartwarming personalities, these dogs are surreal to witness, and even more delightful to have as pets!

But wait! Before you hurry off to adopt this lovable bundle of joy, there’s something you need to know – Newfoundlands shed. Yes, these cuddly giants are prone to leaving a flurry of fur behind them. And we’re not just talking about a little tuft that can be casually swiped off your couch. We’re talking about copious amounts of fur that might make you second guess your decision. This article digs into the fascinating yet messy world of owning a Newfoundland dog – their shedding habits, the reasons, and how you can mitigate this fluffy problem.

Newfoundlands shed, period! More than you’d typically expect from your average fur-friends. Concealing this fact would be comparable to denying that the evergreen trees are green; unconvincing and flagrantly far from reality. There are mainly two types of shedding to consider.

Firstly, the ‘maintenance’ shedding. This primarily occurs to help the body get rid of old and damaged hair, allowing room for new growth. Just like humans, these dogs lose hair daily. But given their size and, of course, the amount of hair, this ‘casual shedding’ tends to be a lot more noticeable. So, you can expect fluffy tumbleweeds in your home year-round!

The second type of shedding is the biannual event lovingly termed ‘blowing coat.’ As seasons change, your Newfoundland dog bids adieu to its old coat to make place for a new one. This process is intense and can be overwhelming as it results in tremendous hairfall. For about two to three weeks, there is a shower of flying fur that convincingly blankets your home’s floor, furniture and possibly your food. It’s like a fur-pocalypse!

Giving them regular grooming can somewhat control this magnificent explosion of hair. A good brush down once or twice a week with a slicker brush can do wonders to manage their maintenance shedding. But when it comes to ‘blowing coat,’ simple brushing won’t cut it. They will need more intense grooming, such as a session of undercoat raking or getting them professionally groomed.

In addition, their diet plays a crucial role in managing their coat and shedding. Poor nutrition can lead to excessive shedding and a dull coat. Hence, make sure you provide your Newfoundland dog with high-quality dog food that not only satisfies their palate but also ensures their coat remains healthy and lustrous.

Moreover, Newfoundlands are genetically predisposed to certain conditions like hypothyroidism and allergies that can also cause excessive shedding. Regular vet check-ups can help monitor their health and allow early detection of any such conditions.

While managing a Newfoundland’s shedding might seem like a daunting task, remember the enormous joys this breed brings to a household. They are famously patient with children, guarding them like their own and are often called “nanny dogs” for this reason. Besides, their dramatic shedding is just their way of love-marking your home and wardrobe! Even as you pull a fur-covered sweater from your wardrobe on a summer day, remember that being a Newfoundland parent comes with fluffs. Lots and lots of it!

In conclusion, yes, Newfoundland dogs do shed abundantly with varying intensities throughout the year. So, if you’re planning to invite one into your home, arm yourself with a high-quality slicker brush, a robust vacuum cleaner, and an endless amount of love for your furry friend. As they say, “Where there’s a Newfoundland, there’s a way!” Shedding is a small price to pay for the love, loyalty, and joy these gentle giants bring into our lives.

So go ahead, if love for these furballs has sparked in your heart and you don’t mind becoming a part-time fluff manager for your Newfoundland, just dive right in! A little extra vacuuming coupled with the comfort of a Newfoundland’s company will turn your home into a fur-filled paradise, and trust us – it is worth every single strand of hair!